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A Minnesota Church Was Preparing To Install A New Bishop, Then He Was Accused Of Abuse

The Catholic Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota was preparing to install Rev. Michel Mulloy as their bishop in October.

But now, Pope Francis has accepted Mulloy's resignation after Mulloy was accused of abusing a minor while serving the church in South Dakota in the 1980's.

Rev. James Bissonette, who serves as an administrator for the Diocese of Duluth said, "We grieve with all who have suffered sexual abuse and their loved ones. I ask you to pray for the person who has come forward with this accusation, for Father Mulloy, for the faithful of our diocese, and for all affected. We place our hope and trust in God’s providence as we await, again, the appointment of our next bishop."

The Diocese of Duluth has not had a bishop since December, when their previous bishop passed away.

With all that has come to light about the Catholic Church and their patterns of sexual abuse over the last several decades, this news is depressingly unsurprising.

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