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Private Christian School In CA Plans To Reopen Campus For In-Person Classes, Defying State Orders

A private Christian school in California is planning on reopening their campus in a few weeks for the 2020-21 school year, despite the fact that it denies state orders.

Desert Christian Academy, located in Bermuda Dunes, CA will be open for the first full day of school on September 3rd.

When reporters questioned Kirk Scott, co-head of the school, about the decision to reopen, he said, "It could be a lost year of learning and that's not a compromise that we're willing to take."

He pointed out that being in a classroom is "always a matter of life and death" and compared the coronavirus situation to school shootings.

How horrible is it that we find ourselves in that situation?

Scott said that he prayed to God and that God spoke to him through the scriptures. "He spoke to us very clearly through the books of Ezra, Haggai, and Zechariah that we were to reopen our campus for in-person instruction," Scott elaborated.

When asked about what might happen if a student were to test positive for the virus, Scott said, "Our prayer and our hope and our goal is that we can keep COVID off our campus."

"There’s always the possibility of tragic results, and we trust the Lord with the outcome of whatever it is that he leads us into," he continued.

Wow, great plan, asshole. You are only dealing with the safety of children, their parents, the teachers, and the faculty. What a great idea to ignore the advice of experts and the guidelines of the state. Just pray to God that it all turns out OK!

It is the insane beliefs and actions of nut-jobs like this that is allowing the the virus to still rage out of control in some areas of the United States. In fact, my post just last week was about a pastor and a state rep. in Florida who were fighting against a mask mandate for religious reasons.

These religious zealots are only making this whole pandemic situation more prolonged, and more dangerous. They need to get their heads out of their asses and join us in the 21st century.

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