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Florida: Pastor And State Rep. Sue County Over Mask Mandate

A state lawmaker in Florida, as well as a Baptist pastor, have filed a lawsuit against have sued a Florida county for passing a mandatory mask mandate last week.

State Rep. Anthony Sabatini and Rev. Joel Tillis announced the lawsuit Monday morning in front of the Manatee County Courthouse.

Rev. Joel Tillis, who preaches at the Suncoast Baptist Church in Palmetto, said that masks should not be required in churches and synagogues because they "interfere with the ability to pray."

So... God cannot hear prayers through a cloth mask? Seems like a pretty weak god to me.

A week earlier, on July 27th, county commissioners approved an emergency resolution making masks required in businesses where social distancing is not possible.

Rev. Tillis told the crowd this week that, “The resolution is wrong legally. The resolution is wrong biblically. The resolution is wrong medically. The resolution is wrong, and we do not accept it under any circumstances.”

Sabatini, a Republican, has filed 14 additional lawsuits throughout the state of Florida against similar mask mandates.

Standing before the crowd on Monday, Sabatini said, “About a week ago Manatee County decided in a very silly way to make a unilateral decision to do not what the federal government has done, not what the state governor has done, not what most people in most jurisdictions have done, but they decided to create an illegal, unconstitutional mask mandate here in a county of 400,000 people, threatening to assign fines of up to $250 for every single person caught not wearing a mask.”

He continued, “It’s a county commission of Republicans. It’s about time they start acting like it.”

Florida continues to remain one of the hot-spots for the virus in the United States. And these two fools are only going to endanger the health and well-being of more people by supporting this anti-mask fervor.

And really, who should you trust: Doctors and the CDC, or a guy who says that God cannot hear your prayers through a mask? Ridiculous.

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