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Baptist Church In Alabama Holds Revival, Now The Whole Church Has Coronavirus

Another week, and another week of lock-down.

I have written a few times now since the COVID-19 crisis began, especially here in the United States. I wrote about the utter failure of Christian politicians to offer real relief, I also wrote about Catholic churches abusing the SBA's Paycheck Protection Program, and then I had the opportunity to write about that again!

Well, now we can travel down to Alabama. The Warrior Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Marshall County, Alabama, has been in the news this week.

"The whole church has got it, just about," is what Pastor Daryl Ross told reporters.

What was he talking about? Well, the church opened their doors for a multi-day revival event amid the current pandemic.

More than forty people are now sick because of this event.

The Coronavirus in the United States continues to tear through the country. Multiple states have set new records for single-day deaths due to the virus in just the last few days.

This kind of utter disregard for sanity and safety in order to honor, honestly, stupid and crazy ancient myths and superstitions is insane.

These people are propagating a deadly pandemic, and while they complain about the lock-down they are actively working to undermine the benefits we are getting from it.

Their prayers did nothing to stop THEIR ENTIRE CONGREGATION from getting sick. What is their god doing? Is he listening to their prayers in their revival and then giggling while he makes sure they all get sick?

These people are so deluded and detached from reality it makes me want to smash my head into the wall.

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