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CA Megachurch Leaders Protected Admitted Pedophile For Years And Let Him Work With Children

Outrage has followed the revelation that the leadership at a California evangelical megachurch allowed a youth ministry volunteer to continue working with minors after he admitted he was attracted to children at least two years ago.

The leaders of Menlo Church, based in Menlo Park, CA, have launched a "supplemental independent investigation" after Pastor John "Johnny" Ortberg III, son of Senior Pastor John Ortberg Jr., was identified as the volunteer by a whistle-blower.

This whistle-blower is the sister of Johnny Ortberg. Daniel Lavery, a trans-woman and estranged daughter of Ortberg Jr., wrote a lengthy Twitter thread on June 28th.

In her thread, Lavery said, among many other things, "The volunteer was my brother, John Ortberg III. When we last spoke, he admitted to seeking out unsupervised contact with children (including overnight travel) for well over a decade."

She continued, "I believe his unique relationship to my father, John Ortberg, Jr., is the sole reason why John Jr. went out of his way to protect his secret and facilitate his continued contact with children."

In their response to the outrage following the fallout of these revelations, the church leadership, in their statement, said that, "The Board will also form a new committee, comprised of representatives from elders, staff, parents and volunteers, to provide transparent oversight of the new investigation and ensure all impacted perspectives are represented."

In other words, they realize they were caught endangering children and safeguarding a pedophile, and only NOW that they were caught, they are going to try and be more "transparent" in how they handle these things.

How convenient. I am sure Jesus would be so proud.

This kind of situation is not necessarily anything new, of course, the Catholic Church alone has provided plenty of evidence, but you find it among other groups, like Mormons and Jewish communities, for example.

The fact that we see this time and time again is yet more proof that these monolithic, powerful religious groups need to be done away with.

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