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Supreme Court Decision Has Christian Conservatives In Uproar

On Monday, the Supreme Court made a historic decision when they ruled that federal law barring discrimination against employees based on sex also applies to sexuality and gender identity.

The decision was praised by LGBTQ rights groups, which came in the middle of Pride month. But Christian conservatives are quaking in their boots at the ruling.

Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, wrote that, “The ruling also will have seismic implications for religious liberty, setting off potentially years of lawsuits and court struggles, about what this means, for example, for religious organizations with religious convictions about the meaning of sex and sexuality.”

"Seismic," huh? That is pretty intense, Russell. Maybe almost as intense as all the hostility and bigotry that members of the LGBTQ community have had to put up with from people like you for all of Christianity's history? Hmmm...?

All around piece of shit, Franklin Graham, wrote on Facebook that the decision "erodes religious freedoms across this country."

He continued by writing that, "People of sincere faith who stand on God’s Word as their foundation for life should never be forced by the government to compromise their religious beliefs. Christian organizations should never be forced to hire people who do not align with their biblical beliefs and should not be prevented from terminating a person whose lifestyle and beliefs undermine the ministry’s purpose and goals."

Cry me a river, Frankie. You and your parasitic ilk have done far, far more harm to society than the LGBTQ community ever has or ever will.

Justices Roberts, Gorsuch, Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan all supported the ruling, while Kavanaugh, Thomas, and Alito dissented.

The support of conservative justices Roberts and Gorsuch came as a pleasant surprise to those who applauded the decision.

For conservatives, of course, Roberts and Gorsuch supporting the decision came as a shock.

This is a step in the right direction, but we have to remember that there is still a long road ahead. The work that needs to be done to secure rights for racial minorities and the LGBTQ community is going to be exhausting and difficult. When these little victories do come, though, we should celebrate them, and use them to motivate us to press onward.

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