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Alcohol-Based Sanitizers Banned In Mosques, Sparking Debate Among Islamic Scholars

It has been a little quiet around her the last few weeks! The Covid-19 situation has provided a lot of distractions and prevented us from getting regular posts out there.

So, here we are, a new post examining what is going on with religion today in the modern world. And boy, do we have a wild one.

Islamic scholars in India are arguing over allowing the use of alcohol-based sanitizers.

Yes, you read that right. Scholars in Uttar Pradesh are arguing over whether alcohol-based sanitizers are haram.

Now, it is true that the Qur'an derides the use of alcohol. But that is in the context of imbibing alcohol.

Despite that, an Islamic cleric in the Indian city of Bareilly issued a fatwa against usage of alcohol-based sanitizer.

Not all Islamic authorities in the area are in agreement, and it has resulted in a bit of a disagreement among leading clerics.

Ashraf Usmani, a spokesperson for the leading Islamic seminary in Asia, said, “It is an unprecedented situation when a pandemic COVID-19 has taken the entire world in its grip. The use of alcohol-based sanitizers during such unprecedented situation was logical as it would help save lives.”

This just goes to show another instance where modern 21st century problems could be dealt with more efficiently if it were not for the destructive problems religious thought add to the mix.

Really, how many times have we seen this kind of problem before? With just Coronavirus alone we have already seen a huge problem with the response here in the United States.

The sooner that humanity emancipates itself from these barbaric and ancient superstitions, the better we will all be.

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