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Churches Reopen Across The U.S. As Country Passes 100K Dead From Coronavirus

On Friday last week, President Trump demanded that states allow places of worship to open for in-person religious services.

Despite the widely panned decision, Trump vowed to "override" any governors who do not comply with his order.

So this past week, as the death toll in the U.S. from Coronavirus passed 100,000, some churches resumed services.

Of course, despite demanding that churches resume services over Memorial Day weekend, Trump did not attend any. Instead, he spent the weekend golfing at his golf course in Sterling, Virginia.

As the World Heath Organization warns that loosening restrictions too soon could result in an earlier-than-expected second global spike of infections, people are willing to risk the lives of hundreds of thousands of people so they can pray to their imaginary friend.

It is reckless and wholly unnecessary. Just yesterday, a small church in South Carolina that reopened for service on Sunday announced that they were closing again because about 40 people were exposed to someone who has since tested positive for the virus.

It literally took a single service at that one small church to expose up to 40 people to the virus. This is exactly what health experts have been warning us all about!

If these deluded lunatics do not doom us all because of their belief in ancient nonsense, now that will be a miracle.

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