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Education Secretary DeVos Diverts Millions In Aid Money From Low-Income Students To Wealthy Private

I have made it a point to call out Betsy DeVos, the current United States Education Secretary, in the past for her ineptitude and gratuitous favoritism for private religious schools.

Two years ago this week I wrote about her desire to direct federal funds to private religious schools.

DeVos is back in the news again with the COVID-19 pandemic. She has used funds from the $2 trillion coronavirus aid package to private schools.

According to a report in the New York Times: "That aid package included $30 billion for education institutions turned upside down by the pandemic shutdowns, about $14 billion for higher education, $13.5 billion to elementary and secondary schools, and the rest for state governments."

The report continues, "Ms. DeVos has used $180 million of those dollars to encourage states to create 'microgrants' that parents of elementary and secondary school students can use to pay for educational services, including private school tuition. She has directed school districts to share millions of dollars designated for low-income students with wealthy private schools."

The kind of blatant disregard for the wall separating church and state is not only indicative of DeVos's prior statements and actions, but also many conservative politicians in general. They have been seeking to grant Christians more and more power in the United States, and the Trump administration has done a phenomenal job of giving them the opportunity to do it.

Millions of dollars meant to help low-income students during this extraordinary situation are now being funneled to children in wealthy families who do not need this money. It is such a disgusting thing to be witnessing in this day and age.

The education of thousands upon thousands of low-income students will be jeopardized by the pandemic so that DeVos can give money to wealthy Christians and their children.


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