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New Orleans Archdiocese Files For Bankruptcy Due To Sex Abuse Cases

I have covered a lot of the sexual abuse cases involving Catholic clergy, not just here in the United States, but across the globe. You can see it all here.

But amid all the horrible stories of abuse, there have been some moments of vindication. There have been bankruptcies, statutes of limitations have been lifted, hundreds of lawsuits, and prison sentences.

Now, there is more good news. The Archdiocese of New Orleans has declared bankruptcy as the financial impact of sexual abuse lawsuits and the impact of COVID-19 have caught up with them.

According to the announcement, the bankruptcy will only affect the administrative offices of the archdiocese. Normal operations will continue at the churches and schools that fall within the archdiocese's jurisdiction.

The important part of the announcement, and why I am writing about it, is that in their statement the archdiocese wrote, "This reorganization will also allow the Archdiocese to address remaining clergy abuse cases in a way that will allow funds to go directly to victims instead of funding prolonged, costly litigation."

If that is true, then that is a good thing. Avoiding lengthy court trials and paying funds directly to the victims of abuse is something we should all be able to support.

I hope the victims are able to move forward and find peace.

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