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Kansas Lawmakers Revoke Governor's Order Limiting Church Gatherings To Ten People

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread worldwide, religious maniacs continue to make the situation worse.

On Tuesday, the governor of Kansas, Laura Kelly, issued an executive order limiting churches and funerals to ten people or less. She cited the fact that 25 percent of the state's cluster infections came from church gatherings.

That was a good move! Governor Kelly absolutely did the right thing by trying to help lessen cases of infection.

Unfortunately, Governor Kelly was overruled yesterday when House and Senate leaders (largely Republican, big surprise) revoked the order.

They revoked the order as the Coronavirus death toll in Kansas jumped 40 percent.

Governor Kelly called the lawmakers' decision to revoke her order "shockingly irresponsible" and said that it would likely cost many lives.

So Republicans in Kansas would rather risk killing people than advising people to avoid church gatherings. That is where their priorities lie in a time of crisis like this.

What reckless stupidity...

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