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Report: All Of The Museum Of The Bible's Dead Sea Scroll Fragments Are Fakes

Shortly after the Museum of the Bible opened in Washington DC in 2017, I wrote about how likely it was that the Dead Sea scroll fragments in the museum were forgeries. This was particularly amusing to me since the Green family spent $500 million on the new museum, and were especially proud of their Dead Sea scrolls being displayed.

Then, nearly a year later, experts concluded that at least five of the fragments were forgeries. They were then removed from the museum's display.

Well, now experts have concluded that ALL of the fragments the Green family own are forgeries, and were likely made from old shoe leather! Ha!

After six months of analysis, experts published a two-hundred page report on the fragments, saying, "Each exhibits characteristics that suggest they are deliberate forgeries."

The researchers believe the forgers coated the fragments with a "shiny amber material... most likely animal skin glue."

The study involved analyzing the scraps with 3-D microscopes, infrared spectroscopy, and "energy dispersive X-ray analysis."

The Green family had over a dozen of these forged fragments, and while they have never disclosed how much they spent on them, experts have said that similar artifacts have sold for millions of dollars.

Oh well, easy come, easy go. I certainly do not feel bad for the Green family. They were fined $3 million in 2017 for their involvement in an artifact-smuggling ring. And then there is the 2014 ruling in the case of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby.

As far as I am concerned the Green family contains some terrible people and they should suffer all the humiliation and financial losses that they have earned at this point.

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