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Violence Between Hindus and Muslims In New Delhi Leaves At Least 20 Dead

Violence between Hindus and Muslims has rocked a neighborhood in India's capital since Sunday. In Maujpur, a neighborhood in New Delhi, has seen gangs of Hindus armed with clubs and iron bars attacking Muslims and threatening journalists.

The violence began Sunday, and coincided with President Trump's visit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India.

President Trump left yesterday, and as the violence continues, the latest death toll numbers estimate at least 20 people have died over the last few days of clashes.

The violence began Sunday after Kapil Mishra, a local politician, threatened to form a mob to clear out protesters demonstrating against a new citizenship law. Muslims are a minority in India, despite 200 million Muslims living in the country. Many see the new citizenship law as discriminatory against Mulsims. Sunday evening, after Mishra's threats, Hindu and Muslim men began throwing rocks at each other, which quickly escalated into more aggressive violence.

The last few days have seen Muslim homes burned down, Muslim shops destroyed, and more. Many Muslim families took shelter in a mosque in the northeast area of the city, where they prayed the Hindu gangs would not burn the building down. There are reports that the police have not done much to stop the Hindu gangs, and in some cases, may have helped them attack Muslims.

Police are now claiming that while the situation remains tense, it is under control.

This kind of sectarian violence, all driven by religious majority versus religious minority, is exactly why we need to abandon these ancient superstitions. This is the 21st century and we are still fighting the same kinds of religiously-motivated battles our ancestors fought millennia ago. What a waste...

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