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Lawmakers In Florida Push Bills Giving Parents More Power To Keep Their Children From Learning Impor

The Florida Senate Education Committee passed a stunningly stupid bill on Monday of last week.

The bill, SB1634, would allow parents to prevent their children from being educated on any subject they object to such as evolution, sex education, or human-driven climate change.

Great job, Florida.

The measure was filed by Senator Kelli Stargel who is, wait for it, a Republican! Republicans and their small government at it again.

Stargel tried to defend her stupid bill by saying it simply lays out and explains rights currently granted to parents under Florida law.

Now, if that is true, then what the hell do we need this new bill for?

Activists warned that state-required education on the Holocaust, African American history, and sex education could now be skipped by many students. They also warn of how much more damage could be done to students who are homosexual or trans.

"This bill takes away the right of queer and trans kids to even have their own personal identification of themselves, the right to tell their parents of their queerness and their transness, in their way, on their terms," said Delilah Pierre, who advocates for LGBTQ rights.

Senator Lori Berman, a Democrat, opposed the bill. Talking about the bill's language regarding "important information" that schools must share with parents she said, "Children who are in at-risk situations often use school personnel as their safety net... I worry that this is going to take the safety net away from these students and be harmful for at-risk students." SB1634, also being called "The Parents' Bill of Rights," still needs to go before another committee before it can be debated on the Senate floor. There is also an identical bill working its way through the Florida House.

These conservative Christian politicians and their frequent attacks on education only serve to hurt children in one way or another. It really is one of the most insidious aspects of Christians working in politics today. Neither the Senate nor the House versions of this bill are law yet, we can only hope that legislators in Florida make the right choice when these bills ultimately reach the final vote.

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