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This Iowa Lawmaker Wants To Create A State Record Of People's Sexual Preferences

A proposed bill in Iowa would bring about a state record of citizen's sexual preferences.

Republican Senator Dennis Guth (I know, a Republican? Shocking!) has introduced the Senate File 2130 bill.

The proposed bill comes along with a slew of other proposed bills from Republican lawmakers that target the rights of LGBTQ citizens in Iowa. Thirteen bills have been proposed in recent months, showing conservative Christian lawmakers are truly obsessed with the LGBTQ community.

Guth's 2130 bill would require anyone seeking a marriage license to state their sexual orientation from the options: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, questioning or unsure, and/or "an identity not listed."

Now here is where the plot thickens. Anyone who lists their sexual orientation as heterosexual, but then is revealed to be homosexual could be automatically denied joint child custody in a divorce. The crime? "Fraudulent concealment of sexual orientation." Guth's draconian bill is currently awaiting a review by a subcommittee before it moves on, so while it is not law yet, with the other twelve bills currently being pushed by theocratic lawmakers, the outlook for the LGBTQ community in Iowa does not look good. Over the last few years I have written several posts documenting the tragic consequences of voting theocratic Christian lunatics into office in the United States, and this story is no different. This is exactly why we need a strong wall between church and state. These Christian bullies are trying to rob people of their rights based on archaic superstitious beliefs.

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