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This New Religious Right Think Tank Believes Jesus Was Too Wimpy

This story is both weird and totally unsurprising.

Evangelical Christians in the United States have jumped the shark when it comes to hypocrisy. That is old news.

But a few months ago, Liberty University announced the new Falkirk Center. The new center was created based on a partnership between Liberty University's president Jerry Falwell Jr. and Turning Point USA's founder Charlie Kirk.

The Falkirk Center, purports to "equip courageous champions to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ, to advance his kingdom and American freedom."

These lunatics actually reference the movie Braveheart, saying that, "In the 1995 movie 'Braveheart,' the battle of Falkirk is remembered as the heartbreaking defeat of William Wallace when the freedom fighter realized the treachery of the Scottish establishment. It was indeed a loss for Scotland, but it was also the beginning of the end of King Edward’s ambitions in the nation."

Uhhh... OK, ignoring all the historical inaccuracies of the movie, they are essentially trying to use a Hollywood film as an analogy for their attempts to establish a Christian state.

The conservative Christian lunatics have posted right on their website this wonderful sentiment: "Bemoaning the rise of leftism is no longer enough. Turning the other cheek in our personal relationships with our neighbors as Jesus taught, while abdicating our responsibilities on the cultural battlefield is not sufficient. There is too much at stake in the battle for the soul of our nation. Bold, unapologetic action and initiative is needed, which is why we just launched the Falkirk Center, a think tank dedicated to restoring and defending American ideals and Judeo-Christian values in all aspects of life."

So, this conservative Christian think tank is explicitly saying that Jesus's teachings need to be ignored. So they can take a more "battle"-minded stance. Well, that sure is pretty ominous...

While Jerry Falwell Jr. and Liberty University have drawn plenty of scrutiny in the last several months, this just adds more cause for alarm.

As Christianity, and religion in general, loses ground in the United States, these kinds of draconian attacks on freedom based on religious ideals will only serve to drive more away.

I personally look forward to religions sabotaging themselves more and more as societies progress in the 21st century. I just wish we could avoid the continuing suffering that religion perpetuates while it still has power.

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