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The Shroud Of Turin Will Be On Public Display In December

The Shroud of Turin, which some believe is the cloth Jesus was buried with, is in the news again this week.

I wrote about the shroud before, when yet another analysis showed that it was a fake. The study I covered there, a blood-pattern analysis, showed that the stains on the shroud are completely inconsistent with a person wrapped in a cloth.

That study of course, backs up radiocarbon dating, textile analysis, anatomical analysis, and the relic's dubious history, which also support the idea that it is a medieval forgery.

Despite all that, believers remain convinced that it is Jesus's burial cloth. It was announced earlier this week that the shroud would be put up on display in December. This will be a part of the Taizé community’s next annual meeting of Europe’s youth in Turin, Italy.

The last time the shroud was on display was in 2015. After praying in front of the shroud, Pope Francis said, “The Shroud attracts people to the face and tortured body of Jesus and, at the same time, urges us on toward every person who is suffering and unjustly persecuted.”

“It urges us on in the same direction as Jesus’ gift of love,” he added.

The Shroud of Turin still captivates Christians today, despite multiple tests over the last several decades showing it to be a fake.

Some people just want to believe whatever fairy tale appeals to them, reality be damned.

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