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The Weird And Wild Journey Of David Silverman

Over the last couple years, David Silverman, a well-known atheist activist in the United States, has provided some interesting fodder for news stories.

Since I have not written about him yet, we should do some recapping. American Atheists is an activist group founded in 1963 by Madalyn Murray O'Hair.

There is a lot of history to cover there alone, but for the purpose of this story, I am going to ignore it (if you really want me to cover it, you can message me). Silverman worked with American Atheists starting in 1996.

In September 2010, Silverman became the president of the organization. Silverman then became immortalized as a meme when he was on Fox News with Bill O'Reilly.

OK, so now we get to the start of this story. In April 2018, Buzzfeed published a story about Silverman. After being accused of multiple instances of forcing himself on women he was fired by American Atheists. He was also accused of using his position within American Atheists to promote his books.

So after that debacle, Silverman actually recovered. He got a job with Atheist Alliance International, another non-profit dedicated to spreading ideas of secularism and atheism. He was appointed Executive Director in October.

Despite only getting that job a few months ago, he has already lost it.

Silverman resigned following accusations on Facebook that he inappropriately touched a woman.

Yikes, this guy really just likes to grab women, I guess...

Well, in the surprising tale of Silverman's career, he now works for the guy who created Adult Friend Finder.

In a post that went up on Friday, Silverman announced that he accepted a position working as a consultant for the Conru Foundation.

Andrew Conru, the mastermind behind Adult Friend Finder, has decided to make Silverman a key player in his non-profit organization.

The Conru Foundation is, according to those involved, working towards a pursuit of truth.

Ummm... OK, pursue truth and all that. But maybe we should pick people who have not had to leave MULTIPLE jobs within just a year because of allegations that they have abused women.

Atheists face enough problems among theists because they like to vilify us, but giving people like this an abundance of chances seems to be a bad move.

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