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Angel In Nativity Play Gives Audience Middle Finger For Most Of The Show

A school nativity play in Essex last week had a bit of a script change when a five-year-old girl starring as an angel spent most of the play with her middle fingers raised to the audience.

Ella Legge had apparently hurt one of her middle fingers, and has a habit of displaying injuries for her mother to see. So, little Ella started holding up her middle finger during the play to show her mother, Carla Bovingdon. Then, Ella held up her other middle finger, comparing the injured and uninjured fingers.

Carla was initially horrified. She said that she just kept thinking, "Oh, god, Ella. Please stop."

She tried mouthing to her daughter to put down her hands, but then ultimately gave up.

"It was so funny because she didn't realize what she was doing," Carla said.

Ah, the innocence of youth...

Carla estimates that Ella spent about 20 minutes of the half-hour show with her middle finger(s) pointed squarely at the audience.

Thankfully, it does not seem anyone was offended, and both the school staff and the audience had a good laugh about it (that is the British for you, if it had happened here in the U.S. sensitive Christians would have flipped out).

Carla, a network marketer, shared photos of her daughter's "performance" on social media and they got a lot of reactions.

"She obviously doesn't have social media, but I was showing her how many people thought it was funny."

There was a second performance of the nativity play and for that run of the show, Ella refrained from flipping the bird to the audience, much to her mother's delight.

It may have been accidental, but that sure is one way to make a boring, old nativity play a good time. Cheers to Ella for turning what would have been an otherwise forgettable performance into a viral story.

It kind of makes me want to get little angels throwing up middle fingers to put in the nativity displays in my neighborhood.

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