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Over One Million Angry Christians Have Signed A Petition Over A Comedy Film That Portrays Jesus As G

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Well over a million angry Christians have signed a petition calling for Netflix to ban a new comedy movie.

The film, A Primeira Tentação de Cristo (The First Temptation of Christ), portrays Jesus as gay and bringing his boyfriend home to meet Joseph and Mary. It is the latest thing from Brazilian comedy group Porta dos Fundos (Back Door).

Brazil's population is 64.6% Catholic, and 22.2% are Protestant. And it seems they cannot take a joke about their dear lord and savior.

So the Brazilian comedy group's new film has pissed a lot of those people off, leading to more than 1.4 million signatures on the petition, which calls for Netflix to ban the film.

Some of the comments from these offended folks are pretty funny. One reads, “It is a serious offence against Jesus Christ and the Christians! It has no historical evidence to support the insinuations presented.”

Another reads, “A movie that came to destroy the image of Christ who gave His life to save us. Netflix has featured series that the family can’t join to watch. God created man and woman and no one can change that.”

These people are hilarious. Belief in Jesus has survived for 2,000 years, but this one movie on Netflix is somehow going to "destroy" his image?

But hey, after that whole McJesus debacle that happened back in January, we should know that Christians have no sense of humor about Jesus.

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