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Two Priests In Argentina Get More Than 40 Years In Prison For Abusing Deaf Children

In 2017, I wrote about a nun who was arrested in Argentina for helping priests rape several children at a school for the deaf.

Now, the priests, and the school's former gardener, have been sentenced for their crimes by a three-judge panel.

Nicola Corradi, an 83-year-old Italian, and Horacia Corbacho, a 59-year-old Argentine, were both arrested in 2016. Corradi has been sentenced to 42 years in prison, while Corbacho has been sentenced to 45 years.

Armando Gómez, who worked as the school's gardener, was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

The three men were found guilty of 20 counts of abuse, including rape, of ten students between 2005 and 2016 at the Antonio Provolo Institute for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children in Lujan de Cuyo, Argentina.

Anne Barret Doyle, the co-founder of, told reporters, “The horror of Provolo is twofold: the torture of the children and the church’s failure to prevent it. We hope the prosecutors now will launch a criminal investigation of the archbishops and other church leaders who knew or should have known that the school was being run by a child molester.”

Doyle also said that “the pope too must accept responsibility for the unimaginable suffering of these children. He ignored repeated warnings that Corradi was in Argentina.”

Indeed, Pope Francis is himself from Argentina, so the fact that he would let something like this carry on in his home country and not take any action is extremely troubling.

Former students have testified that the priests raped them in their dormitories and bathrooms, and that the priests forced them to look at pornographic images.

Investigators found the records of complaints made by parents that the church never followed up on, as well as photographs of a naked girl on Corbacho’s computer and chains he allegedly used to subdue one girl.

As the horrific stories of abuse and cover-up continue to build from within the Catholic Church, one wonders what more we will discover in the near future.

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