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Meta-Analysis Confirms Negative Relationship Between Intelligence And Religiosity

New research has confirmed earlier findings that there is a negative relationship between intelligence and religiosity.

Meta-analysis in 2013 of 63 studies showed "a reliable negative relation between intelligence and religiosity."

So, you know, religious people tend to be less intelligent on average...

Unsurprisingly, that finding generated a lot of harsh criticism. So the study's author, Miron Zuckerman, set out to confirm the earlier findings with a new study.

The new analysis was done using 83 studies, and the results confirmed the conclusions reached from the previous study.

Zuckerman told PsyPost, "The evidence that there is a negative relation between intelligence and religiosity is very strong. But the effect size of the relation is small. This means that there are factors besides intelligence that explain why people are or are not religious. It also means that although more intelligent people tend to be less religious on average, predicting religiosity from intelligence for individuals is fallible."

Cognitive style also was a major factor in religiosity. Analytic thinkers were less likely to be religious, while intuitive thinkers were more likely to be less intelligent and religious.

That finding corroborates some of the points I touched on in my post after the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA.

What I mainly take away from this new study's findings is essentially what I have said before on this site. Intellectual honesty requires hard work at times. It takes effort. But it is essential in this day and age where the Internet gives every charlatan a voice.

More intelligent people may be less likely to be religious, so we should encourage everyone to try and study more.

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