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Report Predicts Anglican Church Of Canada Will Lose All Members By 2040

The Anglican Church of Canada has a bleak future according to a new report.

Rev. Canon Neil Elliot presented at the Anglican Church of Canada's Council of General Synod earlier this month. His presentation was on a report of the church's membership numbers.

The report included statistics compiled in 2018 on the 2017 membership numbers.

The last time the church had taken stock of membership like this was in 2001. In 2001, the church had more than 641,000 members, down from 1.3 million in 1961. But now, the 2017 numbers showed the church is down to 357,000 members.

The report concludes that at its current rate of decline, the church will run out of members by 2040.

Asked about other Canadian churches, Elliot said that data collected by the United Church of Canada also indicated a 2040 "zero-member date." The Presbyterian Church in Canada is losing members more slowly. He also added that the Episcopal Church in the United States was projecting a zero-member date of 2050.

Nearly three years ago, I wrote about a Christian sect in the United States, the "Shaking Quakers" or the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing (what a name). The Shakers only have two members left after Sister Carr died in early January 2017.

The Shakers never were as large as the Anglican Church of Canada, but it looks like some of these larger religions will suffer the same fate.

I hope it happens sooner rather than later. The faster these ancient superstitions get abandoned, the better.

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