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United States Drops To 32nd Rank On Annual Freedom Of Thought Report

Humanists International have published their annual Freedom of Thought Report.

The report, which you can download here, examines every country in the world and looks at how they uphold rights and equality for non-religious people.

Of the 196 countries, the United States now ranks 32nd, down from 8th last year. The drop of 24 ranks was due to, among other things, "deeply-rooted Christian conservatism of some Americans - means that secular, humanist and civil liberties groups find themselves facing a continual battle to preserve the inherent secularism of the constitution."

The top three countries on the list are Belgium, Netherlands, and Taiwan. Freedom of expression and advocacy of humanist values are strongly supported in these countries.

The lowest three countries are not really that surprising. Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan ranked the lowest. Oppression of women, the killing of apostates and journalists, and persecution for the "crime" of blasphemy are just some of the reasons why these countries were ranked lowest.

It is sad that the United States is no longer a model for free thought and expression. With conservative Christians constantly trying to undermine the separation of church and state, this report serves as a reminder of how far we still have to go.

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