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Online Chats Reveal Republican Lawmaker's Conservative Christian-Fueled Paranoia

In the last year or so, I have written about Republican Matt Shea twice. First, I wrote about the Washington state representative defending his manifesto calling for the formation of a "holy army." Then, just a few months ago, I wrote about his questionable assistance to groups training conservative Christians for some kind of holy war or revolution.

Matt Shea is back in the news again. Chats from the service Signal were leaked that reveal more of the depth of Shea's insanity.

The messages were exchanged in a chat group between October 2017 and October 2018. Shea posted in the chat under his online alias Verrumbellator.

Other individuals in the chat include two-term Idaho state representative Heather Scott, former Spokane Valley councilman Mike Munch, former Spokane Valley councilman and pod-caster Caleb Collier, online radio broadcaster Jack Robertson, also known as John Jacob Schmidt, and many more.

The participants in the chat are supporters of the American Redoubt movement, and believe that a new civil war is coming. They want to carve out a 51st state in the northwestern United States for conservative Christians. Ummm... The Handmaid's Tale, anyone?

One of the participants in the chat, Patriot movement activist Anthony Bosworth, said, “I’m all for Christians doing some skull stomping in defense of their faith.”

There is some of that Christian love for you.

Bosworth was also the one who wrote: “Every day shows more and more we are sitting on the edge of civil war between two governmental factions. I don’t think we’re going to make six years before we see shots fired.”

This post is ultimately about Shea, though, and he contributed plenty of alarming things to the chat.

Lindsay Schubiner serves as the program director at the progressive Western States Center. She said of the chats: “The chat messages reveal Shea acting more like a militia leader than an elected official. His conspiratorial and violent mindset are on full display. If it was not already clear, Shea has demonstrated that he is unfit for public office. Now it’s time for his colleagues in the Washington house of representatives to hold him accountable.”

Examples include Shea stoking fears among his fellow lunatics by saying things like, "Please remember tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan begins Tuesday/Wednesday. Higher likelihood of terror attacks." He also called out to his fellow wackos to spy on various politicians to determine whether they are "friend or foe."

When I wrote about Shea in August, he was under investigation because of the associations he has maintained with these kinds of groups. The investigators are expected to present their report on December 1st. I hope their findings will help eject this maniac from political office and, even better, get him locked up.

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