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Bible Printing Factory In Philadelphia Will Close Due To Decreased Demand

A Philadelphia-based Bible printing factory is going to close and lay off 174 workers due to decreased demand.

LSC Communications of Chicago, which owns the factory in Philadelphia, announced plans to consolidate their Bible production at another plant they own in Indiana.

“They say the Bible business has really gone soft, and their warehouses are full,” said Wayne Cox, speaking on behalf of Graphic Communications Conference-Teamsters local union 4-C, which represents 150 of the workers.

The factory printed Bibles for Gideons International, known for supplying Bibles to hotels. But with more hotels choosing not stock Bibles in every room, the decline of Christianity in general, and the fact that more and more people read books electronically, it makes sense there is far less demand for printed Bibles.

According to the article linked above, the company printed more than a billion Bibles since it was founded during the Civil War. That is a hell of a lot of Bibles (pun intended), but times are changing. While I am sad that 174 people will be out of work, there is a part of me that is happy Christianity's influence continues to decline.

Now if only we could get Christianity out of American politics, then I would really be thrilled.

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