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Famous Creationist Author Passes Away

A champion of Creationism has passed away.

Phillip E. Johnson was considered by many to be a huge figure in the Intelligent Design movement. I hate that phrase, by the way, "Intelligent Design." We should call it what it is, Creationism.

Johnson wrote a book back in 1991 called Darwin on Trial. The book, which criticizes evolution, catalyzed a renewed fervor in the Creationism movement.

It should be noted that Johnson was a LAW professor. He was criticizing one of the foundational ideas in biology with no background in the field.

Johnson wrote another book as well, The Wedge of Truth, which attacked science more generally.

Despite being a crackpot, Johnson was able to galvanize a renewed interest religiously motivated pseudoscience.

Johnson was 79 years old when he passed away this weekend at his home in Berkeley, California.

Despite Johnson's efforts, his creationist view of the origin of life continues to shrink here in the United States. Thankfully.

Hopefully as more and more young people are able to study and learn the science behind the theory of evolution, Johnson's influence will continue to shrink. Next we need to demolish Ken Ham's ark.

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