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Pope Changes Name Of Vatican Secret Archive

Pope Francis has changed the name of the Vatican's well-known archive.

Yesterday, Pope Francis officially changed the name of the Vatican Secret Archive, "Archivium Secretum" in Latin. It will now be known as the "Vatican Apostolic Archive."

Francis noted a few things in discussing the name change. First, the archive has been open to scholars for quite some time. Also, the word "secret" carries a negative connotation.

The archive houses documents dating back to the 8th-century stored on a whopping 50 miles-worth of shelving. There is also a bunker made of reinforced cement, so when the pope is surviving the nuclear winter he will have plenty of reading material.

The archive was initially created in the early 17th-century under the direction of Pope Paul V. During its history it has been used in pop culture, thanks to its air of mystery and people popularizing the idea the archive contains "things the church wants to keep hidden." Dan Brown's Angels and Demons novel, for example, sees the protagonist, Robert Langdon, visit the archive to find information on the Illuminati.

Of course, Dan Brown's novels are fiction. They are very fictitious and should not be taken seriously at all.

I find it funny that Pope Francis is so concerned about the negative connotations surrounding the word "secret" that he made it a point to change the name of the Vatican's 400-year-old archive, but he still cannot make any meaningful progress in the church's sexual abuse scandal. Shows you where the church's priorities lie, I guess.

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