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Check Out The New 'eRosary' The Vatican Just Announced

Last week I wrote about new Jesus sneakers, now there is a Jesus "eRosary."

The Vatican just announced a new "Click to Pray" eRosary wearable. It is an app-driven device that is worn on the wrist and activated by making the sign of the cross.


The device offers users the chance to pray the standard rosary prayer, or specialty prayers based on different themes that will be updated over time.

Click to Pray is the official app for the pope's Worldwide Prayer Network, or the Apostleship of Prayer. According to the website, the mission of the Worldwide Prayer Network is to address "the challenges facing humanity" and to assist "the mission of the Church."

No word yet on what they are doing for all the victims of sexual abuse committed by Catholic priests the world over.

As the United States and countries in Europe continue their slide away from religion, it seems the faithful will need to keep coming up with more and more ridiculous ways to entice youth. Silly apps and such may work for a while, but the trends keep pointing towards a shift away from religion.

Hopefully the trends continue.

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