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Ridiculously Over-Priced 'Jesus Shoes' Have Holy Water In The Soles

Of all the ridiculous products available for Christians to indulge in, this is one I was not expecting: Jesus shoes.

A creative arts company in Brooklyn, MSCHF, took a pair of Nike Air Max 97 sneakers and modified them. The sneakers have a gold cross charm and 60cc of holy water from the River Jordan, blessed by a Brooklyn priest, injected into the soles. Walk on water, just not as impressively as ol' Jesus did in the gospels.

The sneakers were sold for $1,425 on Tuesday, and are now up on StockX for the ridiculous price of $4,000.

Holy shit.

Daniel Greenberg, MSCHF's head of commerce, explained to reporters that the company is "a counter-culture media/product brand, playing in a gray area that isn't yet defined by traditional approaches." Uhhh... whoa, OK. Super cool, man.

One of their past projects includes Times Newer Roman, a new version of the Times New Roman font where the letters are five to ten percent bigger so that students can more easily fill up a page of text.

What an interesting company portfolio they are developing. What would Jesus do? Apparently he would try to cheat on his term paper.

They also created an internet plug-in that converts Wikipedia pages into "extremely citable 'academic papers.'" Apparently these folks really want to help students cheat and are fans of Jesus, I guess?

Everyone has to have a gimmick, I suppose.

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