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Nearly 100 People Hold Prayer Vigil For Cashier Who Was Told To Stop Praying With Customers

After a grocery store in Georgia asked one of their cashiers to stop praying with all her customers, nearly 100 (presumably) Christians held a prayer vigil and protest on Wednesday night.

Because asking someone to not waste everyone's time with prayers while on the job is just the worst.

A woman, identified in the news as "Ms. Barbara," works as a cashier at an Ingles grocery store in Cartersville.

Click on the photo below to see the news broadcast.

According to one of the nut-jobs attending the prayer vigil, Sherry Rogers, Ms. Barbara would hand customers their receipt and lightly touch their hand asking "May I pray for you?"

After a customer complained, however, store management asked Ms. Barbara to stop proselytizing to her customers. This sparked the vigil held on Wednesday night. I thought vigils were supposed to be held for something... you know... meaningful? Like when there is a mass shooting, or some other tragedy? Are they really that bored in Cartersville that they need to hold a vigil for something as stupid as this?

So far, Ms. Barbara has declined to comment to the media about the situation. But Sherry Rogers also said that "There's people who come in here who don't buy a thing. They just go through Ms. Barbara's line hoping she'll pray for them."

Yikes, I guess they really are that bored in Cartersville. Who the hell just stands in a check out line for no reason?

Kurt Viert, another of Ms. Barbara's supporters, told the media that they were there "to support Ms. Barbara. Even though she does not want the publicity, the woman needs to be recognized."

They really are making a martyr out of her. The woman is no hero, she wastes the time of customers so she can preach her particular faith to them. What about people of other faiths, or no faith? She works in a grocery store, not a church. She should not be subjecting customers to this nonsense.

With all that is going on in the world that is worthy of protest, these people want to devote their energy to protesting a supermarket over their decision to not let this woman preach to customers anymore. What a waste.

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