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Priest Arrested For Stealing $100K From Church For Boyfriends He Met On Grindr

A Catholic priest in Pennsylvania has been arrested after it was discovered he had misappropriated at least $100,000 of church money and donations to spend on boyfriends.

Joseph McLoone, 56-years-old, was the head priest at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Downington, PA. He created a bank account that he called the "St. Joseph Activity Account" and started funneling church money into it. He then spent this money on boyfriends he met on Grindr, a beach house in Ocean City, NJ, and expensive meals.

Early last year, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia discovered McLoone's hidden account. The archdiocese froze the account and launched an investigation.

McLoone told the archdiocese that he had used some of the money on things "of an inappropriate nature" and they "were related to relationships with adults that represented a violation of 'The Standards of Ministerial Behavior and Boundaries' established by the archdiocese."

I guess that sounds better than "I was banging dudes I found on Grindr and giving them money I stole from the church."

Shortly after they began their investigation, the archdiocese put McLoone on administrative leave.

McLoone got away with his scheme for about six years, but he was arrested on Wednesday and charged with 19 counts which include theft and receiving stolen property.

Prosecutors are alleging that he stole $98,405 from the church. McLoone is out on $50,000 bail, and will be in court on September 18th for a preliminary hearing.

One thing is for sure, the clergy of the Catholic Church never fail to deliver new stories about how corrupt they are.

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