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Christian Radio Host: ‘When The Left Is Talking About White Supremacism, They’re Talking About Chris

On this past Friday, I covered some of the ridiculous things being said by politicians in the wake of the tragic mass shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH earlier this month.

Well, today's post focuses on a Christian radio host, not a politician, and the profoundly insane things she said in the wake of the mass shootings.

Sandy Rios is the host of "Sandy Rios in the Morning" on American Family Radio, a subsidiary of American Family Association. Before we cover what she said, we should catch you up on her and her platform, because the context is important.

First, we can briefly cover American Family Association and American Family Radio. AFA is a Protestant Christian non-profit that campaigns for fundamentalist Christian agendas in the United States. They campaign against the LGBTQ community, against abortion, and against non-Christian religions (like Islam and Hinduism). The SPLC has classified them as a hate group since 2010. They use the American Family Radio network to push their message/propaganda.

Sandy Rios is a radio host on AFR, and she serves as AFA's governmental affairs director. In addition to hosting "Sandy Rios in the Morning," she also has been a contributor to Fox News (no surprise there).

So, yeah, they are Christian fundamentalist loons.

On Thursday, "Sandy Rios in the Morning" released an episode titled "What is Causing the Outbreak of Violence in America?" where she covered the El Paso and Dayton shootings.

At around the 5:00 mark in the program linked above Rios starts complaining that Democrats are "rabid" about playing the "Nazi card."

Then she mentions this article, titled "What Democrats Really Mean When They Attack 'White Nationalism'", which was written by the nut-job George Rasley.

Rasley opines in that article that the "racist Left" deliberately works "in contrast to the colorblind ordered liberty under God’s laws advocated by the modern conservative movement." And that the "racist Left" accomplishes this by organizing "protests, riots, and generalized chaos, much of it based on specious charges of racism."

Wait, God has a "colorblind" view of the world? Ummm, did Rasley forget slavery? God is aggressively pro-slavery in the Bible, and the slave owners in the United States always relied on the Bible to justify their ownership of slaves. Where was God's colorblind view then?

After mentioning Rasley's article, Rios says, at about 5:28, "It’s not about your skin color and when they go further and compare President Trump to Nazis and their white racism, it’s really silly because, remember, the Nazis killed thousands, hundreds of thousands, of people, but guess what? They were white. The Nazis were Aryan supremacists. They had a certain superhuman race they wanted to develop and most white people did not qualify." Apparently she is unaware that black people also suffered under Hitler's reign. But even that is a moot point given Rios's apparent total lack of knowledge regarding the more complicated history of white supremacism in the United States and Europe in the last 200 years.

After that Rios really starts to kick it up a notch on the Stupid-Meter at 5:55 when she says, "So when the Left is talking about white supremacism, they’re talking about the roots of this country. They’re talking about Christianity."

Whoa! Holy shit! She just equated white supremacy and Christianity. Admittedly that is partly because of her super warped sense of what she thinks white supremacy means, but still, she actually said it out loud on a radio program. Again, as I mentioned above, God is super pro-slavery in the Bible, and slave owners in America used the Bible as justification whenever it was debated.

Later, at around the 7:00 mark, Rios says, "It may seem as though the hatred is focused on the president, but as I have said to you before it is really focused on us, those of us that love this country. Even if you don't support Trump fully, but you love the Constitution, you love the founders, you believe in Jesus, you know you are an object of their wrath. It won't matter if you don't like Trump very much you are still an object of their wrath."

Of course, because anyone who believes in Jesus is automatically a good American and anyone who does not believe in him must be evil or maligned against the "good Americans." And, of course, faithful Christians who are not a big fan of Trump are tolerated, but Trump still factors in to the fundamentalist Christian agenda here.

I also cannot help but highlight that right after she goes off on this stuff, she talks about Disney producing the movie "The Hunt" and how it is a satirical movie (which has since been pulled from release) focusing on liberal elites hunting MAGA "deplorables" in red states.

Uh, Sandy, Disney had nothing to do with that movie. It was produced by Blumhouse Productions and White Rabbit Productions. The distributor is Universal Studios, which is owned by Comcast/NBCUniversal. I highlight that because I want to point out how loose these types of people are with the facts when it comes to pushing their propaganda. Also, I find it really funny to call them out when they are so blatantly wrong.

Does anyone else feel like for the last few years these ultra-conservative Christian lunatics have reached cartoon-level insanity?

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