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Australian Artist Paints Mural Of Shackled Cardinal George Pell Near Vatican

Do you remember Cardinal George Pell? I wrote about him first in 2018, when it was first announced he would stand trial for sexual abuse charges in his home country of Australia. That was after a couple years of him hiding out at the Vatican where he had been promoted to Secretariat for the Economy.

Then, in December 2018, word leaked to the press that he had been found guilty. When Pell was found guilty of five charges of sexual misconduct, he was the highest ranking member of the Catholic Church to be found guilty in the ongoing sexual abuse scandal. He was essentially the Vatican's third-in-command.

In February, more details emerged regarding his conviction. He was found guilty involving abuse he subjected two 13-year-old altar boys to in the 1990's in Melbourne. In March, Pell was sentenced to six years in prison.

Well, on Tuesday last week, the Australian artist Scott Marsh painted the below mural near the Vatican.

The mural depicts Pell shackled and kneeling. Behind him is a demonic-looking shadow. The once powerful member of the church, who is now in prison, looks vulnerable.

Marsh originally painted the mural in Sydney, but has now painted it on the Catholic Church's home turf. In an interview with the Australian new outlet SBS News, Marsh said that his goal was "to highlight the hypocrisy of the Church and combat its attempts to sweep under the rug its past abuses."

As for Pell, he is trying to appeal his conviction for the charges related to the abuse of the two boys in the 1990's. We will have to wait to see whether or not he is successful. In the meantime, calling out the church at large for its many, many crimes clearly is important, as Marsh has done.

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