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Florida Pastor With Hundreds Of Photos Of Child Pornography Arrested

A pastor in Florida has been arrested for possession of child pornography.

Charles Andrews, a pastor at the Osprey Church of Christ, is a registered sex offender who was convicted in 2006 of second-degree sexual abuse in Alabama.

On Tuesday of last week, Andrews was arrested when he was discovered to have hundreds of photos of child pornography on his home computer.

Andrews is currently charged with 500 felony counts of possession of child pornography, and three counts of failing to meet sex offender requirements. The sex offender requirements he failed to meet involve two email addresses and a social media account he used to download the images. He did not report those accounts to law enforcement.

Andrews is in jail with a bond of more than $5 million. Maybe he should pray for the money?

I have written a lot about the Catholic Church's sex abuse scandals, as well as covered a bit of the Mormon Church's abuse and cover-up, but Evangelical churches like the Osprey Church of Christ also have these kinds of leaders in the role of priest.

If this is the best God can do when it comes to his representatives on Earth, then he is a pretty pathetic deity.

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