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UK Couple Challenging School In Court Over Christian Assemblies

Two parents in the UK are challenging their children's school over Christian assemblies that are regularly held.

Lee and Lizanne Harris have been granted a court hearing in November because they claim the school has failed to offer "a meaningful alternative of equal educational worth" instead of the regular Christian assemblies the school provides.

The school their children attend, Burford Primary School, is a state school, but is also a member of the Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust.

Lee and Lizanne said that they enrolled their children in a state school expecting there to be a lack of "religious character."

"But over time we noticed harmful aspects of evangelism spreading into assembly and other parts of the school," they said. "We take this step very reluctantly but feel strongly that we need to try to make our children's education as inclusive as possible."

A major objection they have is that Christian stories were allegedly being presented as fact, and that visiting church officials were expressing "harmful views" to students.

After asking for an alternative for their children, Lee and Lizanne claim that their children were just left in a room with a teaching assistant and an iPad.

Since the Education Act of 1944, also known as the Butler Act, the Church of England has had a strong presence in state-run schools in the United Kingdom.

I hope Lee and Lizanne Harris are successful in their challenge to the school. Forcing children to sit through doctrinal Christian assemblies is not education, and never should have been.

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