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Nebraska: Woman Complains To City Over Spider-Man Sculpture Calling It A 'Hate Crime Against The

A woman in Lincoln, Nebraska is demanding that a Spider-Man sculpture be removed because it is a "hate crime against the church."

The 6-foot sculpture, on display in front of the Lincoln Children's Zoo, shows Spider-Man's hands in their classic web-slinging position, with the two middle fingers against the palm.

In an email to the mayor, though, a woman complained that it was “a sculpture of two hands open, painted Red & Black, and formed into Devil Horns.”

What is especially funny about this is why the sculpture is in front of the zoo. It is one of 50 sculptures installed across the city for the "Serving Hands Lincoln" project, benefitting Campus Life, a ministry of Lincoln Youth for Christ.

You read that right, this Christian woman is criticizing art that is benefitting a Christian youth group! Ha!

After being displayed in the city, the sculptures, including the demonic Spider-Man one, will all be auctioned off in October. Two-thirds of the auction's proceeds will go to Campus Life, while the rest will go to the artist.

For now, Spidey's hands are safe. City officials reportedly told the woman that the hands were not devil horns, and that the display was not a city issue.

Really, some people just love to bash people over the head with their religion and ruin everyone else's fun. I'll take Spider-Man any day of the week over Jesus.

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