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Catholic Order Operating Several Schools In U.S. Releases List Of Dozens Of Members Accused Of Abusi

A Baltimore-based Catholic order that operates schools in several states has released a list of members accused of sexually abusing children.

The Xaverian Brothers, a Roman Catholic religious order founded in the 19th century and dedicated to Catholic education, runs thirteen schools in five states. On Friday, they released a list of names of members of the order accused of sexually abusing children. 34 men were on the list, with their assignments at schools stretching from 1907 to the early 21st century. Most of the men on the list have passed away at this point, and none are currently in active ministry.

The names were published on the order's website, along with a letter from Superior General Brother Edward Driscoll. Driscoll apologized for what his brothers had done.

“As religious, the Xaverian Brothers are deeply sorry for the pain caused by the crime of sexual abuse of minors committed by any Xaverian Brother,” Driscoll wrote. “We regret not being worthy of the trust of young people. We must confess and repent as we ask forgiveness for the actions of ‘shepherds’ who betrayed this sacred trust and inflicted great suffering.”

Thanks, Brother Driscoll. With the rampant sexual abuse committed by the clergy of the Catholic Church, it is so helpful that you all admit to it now, decades later, when most of the perpetrators you name have died. Way to really hold everyone accountable.

Many of those on the list worked at the order's schools in Massachusetts. This brings back painful memories of the Spotlight scandal, where Cardinal Bernard Law was revealed to have been sheltering priests who abused children for decades. While several of the priests involved in that scandal were arrested, Cardinal Law himself fled to Rome, where he passed away in December 2017.

Brother Driscoll, ends his letter by saying, "The Xaverian Brothers want to continue this journey of repentance, transparency, and solidarity with victims as we renew our commitment to our mission 'to manifest God’s compassionate love to all whom we meet in this journey of life.' Please join the Brothers praying for continued healing for those who have been wounded by the evil of sexual abuse."

I, for one, am not exactly holding my breath for anything to really improve with The Xaverian Brothers, given the paltry attempts the Catholic Church as a whole has made to fix things.

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