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Anglican Church Of Canada Fails To Pass Measure Recognizing Same-Sex Marriage

On Friday, the Anglican Church of Canada voted on whether or not same-sex marriage should be officially recognized by the church.

The vote did not pass, meaning that the church's canon of marriage being between one man and one woman remains unchanged.

Church doctrine requires such a change to be voted on twice. The first time the measure was voted on was back in 2016, during their last synod, or general assembly.

On Friday, the measure needed to pass by a two-thirds majority in each of the three voting groups. Those groups are the laity, the clergy, and the bishops.

The laity and the clergy both passed the motion by more than two-thirds, but the bishops did not.

Meghan Kilty, the church's director of communications, told reporters on Saturday that, "There's a lot of grief right now among the delegates."

Kilty said that many dioceses already perform same-sex marriages following the 2016 vote. They intend to continue, according to her. Toronto bishop Kevin Robertson even got married to his husband in 2018.

Many among the church are outraged, with some people even posting on social media that they were renouncing the church.

It just really goes to show you how out-of-touch and archaic these church institutions have become. These organizations are dinosaurs and need to go extinct. At this point all they accomplish is furthering the pain and suffering of marginalized groups, political division, persecution, and protecting sexual predators within their ranks.

Hopefully, as these different religious organizations continue to make blunder after blunder, more and more people will leave the church behind.

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