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Fort Worth Residents Angry About 'In No God We Trust' Banners

In Fort Worth, Texas, some banners put up by an atheist organization are generating some angry buzz.

Metroplex Atheists purchased banners that say, "In No God We Trust" to be displayed on downtown light posts. They have an event coming up on July 14th, and the banners are meant to help promote the organization.

Some residents have complained, of course, but city officials explained that, “While some residents might not like the messaging on these banners, we do not currently restrict religious messaging, as long as it follows the current policy and procedures for display banners.”

Fort Worth's mayor, Betsy Price, said on Twitter, “I was appalled when I saw the banners currently being displayed downtown, as I do not support or agree with the message. While many of us may not agree with the message, the organization did follow policies and procedures set forth by the City & Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. We must respect freedom of speech. As we approach the Fourth of July, we must remember that many Americans have fought and died for the freedoms we cherish today.”

Wow, Betsy, you were appalled? That seems a bit harsh. I mean, religiously speaking, I think there are more important things to be appalled about, but sure, go ahead and lose your composure over some simple banners.

If you are interested in learning more about Metroplex Atheists, you can find there website here.

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