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Mike Pence To Liberty University Graduates: 'Freedom Of Religion Is Under Assault'

On Saturday, Mike Pence, the Vice President of the United States, put on quite the disgusting display at Liberty University when he gave the commencement speech.

After a nauseatingly fawning introduction from Jerry Falwell Jr., Mike Pence gave a nearly thirty minute speech before the 2019 graduates of Liberty University.

A lot of the speech, honestly, rang hollow, like Pence was giving a stump speech or something. He told the young Liberty University graduates things like, "The truth is, we live in a time when the freedom of religion is under assault. Yesterday, I was informed by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom that today Christians suffer more persecution around the world than any other religion. In fact, the United Kingdom released a report just last week that said persecution of Christians is near genocide levels." (You can see that part of his speech here.)

Really?! Christians are the MOST persecuted religious group in the world? They happen to be the BIGGEST religion!

The report that Pence was referencing was focusing specifically on areas where Christians are a minority, mostly in the Middle East. It was NOT a statement about the overall state of Christians across the world. But notice how Pence phrased it. He deliberately misrepresented the report in an attempt to feed the crowd his propagandistic agenda. He phrased it as if Christians are the most persecuted religion everywhere. It was a scare tactic aimed at young college graduates who have already been subjected to the disservice of an "education" they received at Liberty University.

He then also brought up the recent attacks at the mosques in New Zealand and the bombings at the churches in Sri Lanka. He brought up the fires at Louisiana churches and the attacks at the synagogues in California and Pennsylvania.

He brought this all up as part of a narrative declaring that "people of faith everywhere are under attack."

This is part of the Christian narrative, one that Pence has repeatedly used, which basically comes down to "if you are gay and/or not Christian then you are oppressing me."

They play the victim. That is their tired go-to move. I did notice one thing, though. If you watch the video of the speech I linked above, there is a pretty good number of students who are not clapping along with their fellow students when Pence makes his crowd-pleaser statements. One wonders if even at Liberty University there are students who align with the trend that shows conservative Christian activism pushes people out of the church.

This is a useless, and blatant attempt at furthering the indoctrination of young adults into the current politically active Christian mindset. And given the purpose of the Establishment Clause in the Constitution, it is particularly disgusting to see from the vice president of the United States. It is yet another front on which Christian theocratic political bullies want to wage war against the secular-based democratic society of the United States, and it is absolutely sickening.

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