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This Week In The Conservative Christian Battle Against Abortion

The Senate floor in Alabama yesterday was taken over by a shouting match as they met to vote on the strictest abortion law proposed in the United States.

This post covers both Alabama and Georgia, because they both had some pointed drama in the abortion fight this week.

The proposed law in Alabama would punish women who get an abortion, and those that perform the procedure, with up to 99 years in prison.

99. Years.

Two days earlier, the governor of Georgia signed into law a "heartbeat bill" that represents another extremely restrictive law against abortion.

Conservative Christian theocrats are launching volleys against Roe v. Wade because they are desperate to push for lawsuits that will get put before the Supreme Court.

They WANT the laws to be challenged, so they will have to face the Supreme Court. They hope that with recent appointees like Brett Kavanaugh, they will be able to completely overturn Roe v. Wade.

"Heartbeat bills" like Georgia's are also proposed in ten other states, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Tennessee, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

The drama in the Alabama Senate chambers yesterday began when some of the Republican members tried to remove amendments that would allow women to get abortions if they were raped or involved in incest.

Yes, you read that right. Even if a woman is raped, or involved in an incestuous relationship resulting in pregnancy, these Republicans STILL want to make abortion completely inaccessible.

Senate Minority Leader Bobby Singleton and other Democrats sought a roll-call vote on all issues related to the abortion bill, while the Republicans called for a voice vote.

The voice vote, Democrats argued, gave cover to Republicans unwilling to put their names on the removal of the amendments allowing abortion in cases of rape or incest.

Singleton said, “I want the people of the state of Alabama to know how we vote,” he said. “I think the people have a right.”

The Democrats accused Alabama Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth of being too quick to move forward with the voice vote and willing to override the democratic process to further the conservative agenda.

As the shouting match escalated, Senate President Pro Tempore Del Marsh, a Republican, moved to delay the vote until next week.

Marsh asked the senators to hit the "reset button" and think over the next several days on the matter.

“Let people go home, talk to their constituents and come back,” Marsh said.

It is expected that the conservative majority in the Alabama senate will pass the bill. When that happens Alabama will have the most restrictive abortion ban in the country.

Alabama Rep. Terri Collins sponsored the bill, not surprisingly she is a Republican, ADMITTED that the purpose is to bring litigation that will force the Supreme Court to reconsider Roe v. Wade.

These religiously motivated assaults on reproductive rights for women are obscene. These same "Christian" politicians are the same ones that are desperate to strip the government of education and healthcare funding. Their claim to want to protect children is so maliciously hollow and transparent. And the infringement of people's rights because of religious intrusion on politics is precisely what the forefathers of this country were opposed.

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