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Poland: Woman Arrested Over Posters Showing Virgin Mary With Rainbow Halo

A woman in Poland has been arrested for offending religious sensibilities. Her crime was creating posters of the Virgin Mary with her halo colored with a rainbow. Joachim Brudziński, the interior minister of Poland, announced on Monday that a woman had been arrested for "carrying out a profanation of the Virgin Mary of Częstochowa."

Brudziński said, “Telling stories about freedom and ‘tolerance’ doesn’t give anyone the right to offend the feelings of believers.”

A spokesperson for the police in Płock, a city in central Poland, confirmed that a 51-year-old woman had been arrested after police searched her home, where they found several images of the Virgin Mary with a rainbow halo.

The particular image of the Virgin Mary that was used is the “Black Madonna of Częstochowa,” a revered icon of the Virgin Mary housed at the Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa, Poland.

Last year I wrote about a study that found Poland to be the most religious country in Europe. The ruling Law and Justice Party has taken an aggressively conservative Christian stance on many issues. They have threatened to ban abortion and in vitro fertilization, for example. In 2016, Polish President Andrzei Duda was involved in a religious ceremony that officially recognized Jesus Christ as the King of Poland.

I hope that the authorities will release this woman. For her to be arrested for such a trivial matter as a rainbow halo is deeply disturbing and offensive. 2019 is a time when religion should have no place in politics. This kind of medieval barbarism intruding into government is nuts.

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