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Pope Francis Accused Of Heresy In Open Letter From Clergy And Scholars

An open letter that was published last week accuses Pope Francis of heresy.

The authors of the 20-page letter, which originally had 19 signatories, state, "We take this measure as a last resort to respond to the accumulating harm caused by Pope Francis's words and actions over several years, which have given rise to one of the worst crises in the history of the Catholic Church."

After the letter was published, more signed on to it. As of May 4th, the number of signers of the letter had climbed to 67.

Among the names of those who signed on to the letter are Father Thomas Crean, Fr. John Hunwicke, Professor John Rist, Dr. Anna Silvas, Professor Claudio Pierantoni, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, and Dr. John Lamont.

The letter comes after a Filial Correction of Pope Francis in 2017. It criticized the pope because he “effectively upheld 7 heretical positions about marriage, the moral life, and the reception of the sacraments, and has caused these heretical opinions to spread in the Catholic Church.” 62 scholars originally signed on to that 2017 letter.

In this new letter, the writers write, "We accuse Pope Francis of having, through his words and actions, publicly and pertinaciously demonstrated his belief in the following propositions that contradict divinely revealed truth."

The authors are critical of Francis's position on things like whether divorced people can receive Communion and other things that Pope Francis has commented on in his six years in office.

"We therefore appeal to you as our spiritual fathers, vicars of Christ within your own jurisdictions and not vicars of the Roman pontiff, publicly to admonish Pope Francis to abjure the heresies that he has professed," the authors of the letter continue. "The Pope's behaviour in regard to the seven propositions contradicting divinely revealed truth, mentioned at the beginning of this Letter, justifies the accusation of the delict of heresy. It is beyond a doubt that he promotes and spreads heretical views on these points. Promoting and spreading heresy provides sufficient grounds in itself for an accusation of the delict of heresy. There is, therefore, superabundant reason for the bishops to take the accusation of heresy seriously and to try to remedy the situation.”

The authors request that the bishops of the church investigate the matters themselves, and if they find the accusations true, that they admonish Francis for his heretical views. Should Pope Francis then continue in his heretical viewpoints, he shall be considered to have voluntarily deprived himself of the position of pope.

Watching these petty doctrinal squabbles play out within the Catholic Church while it still has yet to make any meaningful progress in addressing its sexual abuse crisis is ridiculous. Rather than fix real problems in the real world they want to argue over whether divorced people can receive Communion or other religions are valid. These are the things people spend their time on when they think they have God on their side.

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