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Trump Boasts About New Religious Exception Rules For Healthcare Workers

Yesterday, President Trump once again played to the last desperate bastion of support he has. Evangelical Christians.

They sure do love how he advances their political agenda.

During National Prayer Day yesterday, Trump was giving a speech when he praised a new rule regarding healthcare. The new rule allows healthcare providers, health insurers, and employers to deny services, or deny coverage/pay, for services that go against their religious beliefs.

The 440-page rule covers a lot, and specifies many particular services that individuals or organizations could deny support.

Abortion, assisted suicide, sterilization, gender reassignment surgery and more may become much more difficult to access for many Americans. Religious conservative nut-jobs were quick to praise the new rule. “No health-care worker should ever be forced to choose between their practice or their faith,” said Ashley McGuire, from the Catholic Association. “That principle is enshrined in countless laws and regulations but has been violated for far too long.”

“We think it’s important to protect parental rights against... the government,” said Travis Weber, vice president for policy at the Family Research Council, an uber-conservative Christian group. “We are looking broadly at family integrity. Families can govern themselves.”

Right, because once again thousands of people should suffer needlessly for the protection of fragile superstitious beliefs. That is how Christians maintain "integrity."

It should not come as a surprise, really. More people disapprove of Trump than approve of him, and with all the tumult following the recent release of the Mueller report and Barr's antics, he needs an ego boost. Also, I covered Trump last year after National Prayer Day. In that story, he reversed a rule that applied to religious charities that receive government funds and prohibited them from requiring those they support to be subjected to religious proselytizing.

While plenty of delusional religious lunatics were ready to praise the new rule, many critics were also vocal. Louise Melling, deputy legal director at the American Civil Liberties Union, said, “This rule threatens to prevent people from accessing critical medical care and may endanger people’s lives. … Medical standards, not religious belief, should guide medical care.” Heather Shumaker, senior counsel for the National Women's Law Center said, “It appears that a paramedic could refuse to drive a woman having an emergency – such as an ectopic pregnancy – because they object to the treatment she will receive at the hospital.”

David Stacy, government affairs director for Human Rights Campaign, an LGBTQ advocacy group, said, “The administration’s decision puts LGBTQ people at greater risk of being denied necessary and appropriate health care solely based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Religious intrusions on U.S. politics are nothing new, but religious lunatics have certainly been more emboldened in the political sphere in recent years.

This is precisely the kind of sickening attack on our freedoms that motivated me to start this project in the first place. It is sanctimonious religious hypocrites who praise this man, a man so delusionally-detached from reality, and so adamant on fulfilling nothing but his most grotesquely self-gratifying desires. Yet these people who praise him dare to declare the moral high-ground.

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