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The Satanic Temple Is Now A Tax-Exempt Church According To The IRS

For all you Satan worshipping heathens out there, I have good news.

The Satanic Temple has been granted the same tax-exempt status as other religious institutions by the IRS.

So... no more taxes on goats purchases for sacrifices?

Just kidding...

So, why am I writing about it? Well, if you are familiar with the Satanic Temple, you would know that they spend a great deal of time fighting against theocratic intrusions on politics by Christians.

Unlike the Freedom of Religion Foundation, or the American Humanist Association, the Satanic Temple has an edge.

FFRF, and atheist groups like it, lose legal battles sometimes, like the recent loss allowing U.S. House chaplains to bar atheist invocations.

Why did the court rule against FFRF's challenge that atheists should be allowed to provide invocations? Well, because "[T]he House’s requirement that prayers must be religious nonetheless precludes Barker from doing the very thing he asks us to order Conroy to allow him to do: deliver a secular prayer. In other words, even if, as Barker alleges, he was actually excluded simply for being an atheist, he is entitled to none of the relief he seeks."

Boom. So much for separation of church and state.

But the Satanic Temple skirts around this by fighting these fights as a religious group. That gets around the theocratic arguments from apologists who think that atheists have no ground to have "freedom from religion" rather than a "freedom of religion."

They really wage some wonderful campaigns for some really important issues. Issues that are relentlessly under assault by religious conservatives who pursue horribly destructive agendas believing they have God on their side.

Hopefully this new status can benefit the Satanic Temple in some way, allowing them to continue their efforts to fight religious theocratic assaults on our free, secular society.

Keep up the good work, you devils.

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