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WTF: There Is A Movie About A Priest Who Turns Into A Dinosaur To Fight Ninjas

Alright, I usually write about more serious material, but this is something I just could not resist.

There is a new movie coming out about a pastor... who turns into a dinosaur... and fights ninjas.

I mean, I am just as surprised as you are about that last sentence. It really is insane, right? The name of the movie really is "The VelociPastor."

But that is the movie. According to the story in this bonkers movie, a priest travels to China after some family tragedy. Then he discovers the mystical power to TRANSFORM INTO A VELOCIRAPTOR. You know, that old chestnut.


It gets even weirder than that. A prostitute is the one who convinces the priest to use his new dino-power to fight evil, specifically the previously mentioned ninjas.

Because we all know that China is overrun with Japanese ninjas who need to be exterminated by were-dinosaurs.

So, why am I taking the time to write about what ultimately looks like a schlock B movie that just happens to involve a priest?

Well, the whole reason I undertook this venture. That is, writing this blog and curating the Facebook page, was all because I am determined to break the taboo against criticizing and satirizing religious belief.

This movie looks like it satirizes THE HELL out of religion. So, hey, I can give them some extra publicity. Why not? If I can still watch and enjoy The Prophecy, which is a movie that takes itself more than a little too seriously, then I can watch and enjoy the VelociPastor, a movie that I hope takes itself not seriously at all.

Sometimes we just need a good laugh. Especially with all the theocratic intrusions on public policy in the U.S. Let's try to enjoy the moment.


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