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Tampa Pastor And His Daughter Plead Guilty To $11M Tax Fraud

A Tampa, FL pastor and his daughter have both pleaded guilty to tax fraud.

Pastor Luckner Stimphil, 55, served at the First Calvary Family Life Ministry. He opened Top Popular Tax in 2011, and his daughter, Elwolfine Dufort, 31, worked for him preparing tax forms for their clients.

Stimphil and his daughter Dufort charged clients 10% of their tax returns as a fee for services.

Can you guess what they started doing?

They started adding additional tax credits and breaks that their clients were not actually qualified to receive, inflating the tax returns for their clients, and thus inflating the fees they could charge.

Stimphil and Dufort owe the U.S. Department of the Treasury more than $11 million for their scheme. They have both admitted guilt in the charge of conspiracy to defraud the United States.

At their sentencing, which remains to be set, they could potentially face up to five years in prison.

If this pastor was so intent on making millions of dollars through shady dealings, he should have just started preaching "the prosperity gospel" and demanding millions of dollars from his followers. It works for the likes of Joel Osteen and Jesse Duplantis.

So much for having God on your side... God waffles when he is up against iron chariots AND the U.S. Attorney's Office.

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