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Man Chopped Up His Own Grandmother 'In The Name Of Jesus Christ'

A 29-year-old man in Utica, New York killed his 90-year-old grandmother and 87-year-old landlord. He then dismembered both of the bodies.

While being arraigned Tuesday evening, he repeatedly told the judge, "I’ll chop anyone up who disrespects Jesus Christ."

Naythen Aubain crashed his car into a pole on Sunday night in Utica. When he was being attended to by first responders, he muttered something about killing someone.

Utica police then went to the house where Aubain lived. Jane Wentka, Aubain's 87-year-old landlord, lived on the first floor. Police discovered pieces of Wentka's mutilated body in her apartment.

Aubain's 90-year-old grandmother, Katerine Aubain, was missing from her second floor apartment. Police later found her dismembered body in a shallow grave on the outskirts of nearby Clayville.

Aubain was brought to the hospital after the crash because of his injuries, but he was released Tuesday and appeared in court for his arraignment later that evening. He was brought in wearing a spit shield, and later had to be placed in a restraining chair due to his behavior.

While the judge was speaking, Aubain repeatedly interrupted saying things like, "I did it" and "I chopped her up. I’ll chop anyone up who disrespects Jesus Christ."

Aubain answered with "in the name of Jesus Christ," when he was asked why he murdered and dismembered the two women.

Now, while I suppose Aubain could cite Jesus's words in Matthew 10:34-37 to support these monstrous actions, it seems a lot more likely that he is suffering from some pretty severe mental illness. Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara certainly seemed to think Aubain was mentally ill when commenting on the case to reporters.

At least Aubain is now in custody and not a danger to the public.

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