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Christian Prophet Claims Hurricane Is Government Scheme To Hide Voter Fraud

Mark Taylor, a bat-shit crazy Christian "prophet," has claimed that Hurricane Florence was a man-made hurricane created to destroy evidence of voter fraud.

The fuck?

Yes, that is his claim. Watch the below video for some of his ramblings.

What in the hell is going on?

Taylor thinks that the HAARP program, which has been the subject of all kinds of crazy claims over the last few decades, is responsible for the recent hurricanes.

What did Taylor say, you might be asking? Well, he said, “I saw where North Carolina had done the voter fraud stuff for the machines, for this, that, and the other; they had caught it or something like that and they were going after it. I said, ‘Oh boy.’ Sure enough, there is was; here comes the hurricane. Bigger than life, there is was. And I just found out, literally, though another source of mine, contact this morning, sure enough, they said it was in fact made by man and generated by the HAARP system, basically, and it was meant to try and flood North Carolina and flood out the evidence of what was going on with the voter fraud.”

Ah, what an erudite examination of the weather the country is experiencing.

Of course, there is the pesky point that Taylor's hypothesis lacks any evidence whatsoever.

So... Taylor's credibility is pretty much non-existent.

Taylor has a YouTube channel where you can watch a bunch of videos where he has shared a lot of delusional thoughts.

Hey, maybe you can find some fun in it? Good luck!


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